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BusyB Goat Farm TE Zorro


Pedigree: Click here

D.O.B: May 12, 2017


Performance Programs:

Testing: Tested February 2021-Negative- Sage Labs


2018: Twin Bucklings Bred with Lilly

2019: Triplet Doelings Bred with Lilly

2020: Twin Bucklings with our LaMancha doe Brandy.

2021: Triplets, 2 Buckling's, 1 Doeling Bed to Lucy


zoros dam.jpg

Dam - Tiny Angels Francesca Ver
Photo Courtesy by Busy B Goat Farm

zoro dam 2.jpg
zoros damn udder.jpg

Dam Udder

zorro sire dam.jpg

Sires Dam - Fairlea Irene 6*M
Photo Courtesy of Fairlea Farm

Zorro litter mate sister 3_edited.jpg
zorro litter mate sister 2.jpg
zorro litter mate sister.jpg

Litter Mate Sister -
BusyB Goat Farm TE Sweety Pie
VEEE 90 (LA 2021)

Litter Mate Sister Udder

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