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Sales Policy

Here at Under N Acre Farm it is VERY important to us that any goat or animal that leaves our farm, goes to live in great homes. If at any time we feel that a sale is not a good fit, we reserve the right to cancel it at any time. We breed our does every year for milk and it is impossible for us to keep all the kids produced. (Even when we want to) Regardless if you are new to goats, or have raised goats in the past or presently, we will ask the appropriate questions to assure that they will have the best care. If you are a new goat owner, we will answer all and any of your questions before and even after a animal(s) leaves our farm.


How to reserve and buy kids:

 You can reserve a kid by clicking the “Kid Reservations” button and filling out our online form. You can also email us at or direct message us on our Facebook page.

We will do our best to respond to your reservation within 24 hours. Please be patient with us, especially during kidding season when this time on our farm gets quite busy. 

We do not charge a fee to make a reservation for a kid(s). As soon as your reservation has been confirmed, you will be on a wait list for the kid or kids you have chosen. Once a kid is born, we will go down the line in order from which the reservation was received for each breeding. When a kid is born that meets your reservation request, we will contact you within 24 hours of the kid being born. If we do not here back from you within 24 hours, we will go to the next person in line for that breeding. Please make sure all your contact information is correct during your reservation so that we can accurately get a hold of you when your kid is born. 

After we have notified you, and you decide to take a kid, a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit is due within 24 hours of our contact. Once we have received the deposit, the kid will be held for you, and we will care for the kid(s) until weaning. No kid(s) will be able to leave the farm until full payment has been received. We accept Paypal and cash as methods of payment. 

Deposits are non refundable unless in the unfortunate circumstance that a kid becomes ill or does not survive. Your deposit can be refunded or used towards the purchase of another kid at any time.

Please Note:

Some times, due to not knowing what the does will produce, some reservations will not be full filled.

We reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding. We also reserve the right to wether any buckling we do not see fit for becoming a herd sire. If at any time we feel that a sale is not a good fit, we reserve the right to cancel it at any time.

If your reservation is not full filled for the present kidding season, please contact us to be placed on the reservation for the following kidding season. You will NOT be automatically replaced on the reservation list unless you notify us. 

*Goats are social animals and MUST live with other GOATS. We will ask if you have other goats on your farm or will need proof that you will have at least one other goat at your home by the time your kid from us leaves our farm. 

Disbudding Kids:

All kids born on our farm, that are not polled, will be disbudded. If you wish for your kid to not be disbudded and grow horns, please include that during your reservation process or asap. Kids are usually disbudded between 2 to 7 days after birth. If you do choose to not disbud, full payment of the kid will be expected at the time of the deposit. If you have any questions regarding disbudding, Please come to me with any questions. 

Bringing your kid home:

Kids on our farm will be dam-raised and bottle fed at the same time. We do this because our does will be on DHIR milk test, and during the testing days, kids need to refrain from feeding from mom for 24 hours. We bottle feed every kid every day along with them also feeding off mom. This way, they are used to being fed from us and mom. And they will also get the nutrition they need during mom's testing times. Wethers, who we separate from mom and sibling doelings at 6 or so weeks because of "buckiness" will also have the benefits of bottle feeding to stay healthy and grow big!  We do not allow kids to leave the farm until they are weaned from mom, which is usually around 12 weeks.  Kids will be weaned from bottle as well. At 11 weeks we will start the weaning process and by 12 weeks, as long as kids are able to be on their own, they can leave to their new homes. We DO NOT sell BOTTLE BABIES before the first 12 weeks. Time bonding with their mom is very important. If you would like your kid to be on the bottle a little longer than 12 weeks while in your care, please communicate that with me.

Wethers will also be banned around this time as long as it is safe for them todo so. 

We have time lines in place to help with the process of kids going off to their new homes. But, goats are individuals and some may need more time than others before they can safely leave the farm. We take pride in precaution, and making sure kids are the healthiest  as possible and are growing appropriately. In most cases kids do follow the time lines and go home at their expected time frame. We of course will communicate with you along the way if the time line to when they can go home changes.  

Kids will go home with their registration papers, tattooed, disbudded, dewormed and given their CDT vaccination. Wethers will be banded before leaving the property. 

When kids are weaned, and ready to go home, you must pick up your kid by the agreed upon pick up date. I know things can happen, in that case, please make sure you are communicating with me.

We will provide a take home goody bag for your kid, that will include some grain and mineral they are currently on to help with the transition. They will also receive a dose of Probios to help with stress during the transition and travel.

Health Guarantee: 

When Goats leave our farm we guarantee they are healthy. We will ask the buyer to sign a sales contract agreeing that the animal is in good health at the time of pick up. We will no longer be responsible for any illness or injury after the animal LEAVES our farm.  Transport from one place to another can be very stressful on a goat. Without proper handling and treatment the goat can suffer from illness or injury. We will not be responsible for stress/illness of any kind after the animal leaves our farm. We strongly recommend, and expect (if you are a new goat owner) to do your research and conduct a plan/protocol for transporting, quarantining and caring for your new goat.

If you would like to have health certificates, vet checks, etc, it will be the financial obligation of the purchaser to do so, and will be added to the total purchase price. 

We test yearly for CAE, CL and JOHNES. We will show you the test results for the Dam and Sire, or individual goat (if buying an adult).  We will also begin DHIR MILK TEST in 2021. We will gladly show you those tests/results upon request.

If at any time you are unhappy with an animal or are considering re-selling an animal purchased from us, we expect as a obligation and common courtesy, that you please contact us first to give us the opportunity to buy the animal back, or help find a reputable new home.

Buying Adult animals on our farm:

There may be times where we offer an adult/breeding goat for sale. If you are interested in acquiring about an adult goat that is listed, please contact us through our contact section of our website, Facebook, or email. 

There will be a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to hold and the adult goat must be picked up within two weeks of deposit. 

Please contact me with ANY questions you may have. 

Updated 1/6/2022 ***Subject to change at anytime***

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