Enjoy The bubbly lather and good fo your skin ingredients, with our small batch, hand made on our farm soap. 

Our soaps are made with your skin in mind and may help nourish, Hydrate and prevent impurities. Leaving you skin feeling soft smooth and clean. 

Our soaps are long-lasting, made from natural oils, butters, and Goat Milk. Ideal for those with sensitive skin. Your skin’s natural oils will not be stripped away during bathing due to chemical byproducts, hard water or harsh products.
Our soap is made without any of the dangerous, synthetic lathering agents like most commercial soaps. NO petroleum, NO synthetic lathering agents - only the GOOD stuff!


If you love the aroma of fresh lilacs, this soap is for you.  



Goat Milk, Aloe Butter, Kokum Butter, Olive Oil, Lye, Grape seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, lilac fragrance


Net Weight 4-5 oz