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Bending Birch Farm Miss Lucy


Pedigree: Click Here

D.O.B: 4/4/2019


Performance Programs:

Testing: Tested February 2021- Negative- Sage Labs

Kidding History: 

2021: Triplets (2 Bucklings, 1 Doeling) Sired by BusyB Goat Farm Te Zorro

2022: Due 2/26/2022


Lucy 4 months pregnant as a first freshener. 2021

Lucy's Dam - Creeping Thyme Farm Diva Deux 3*M DHIR Elite

diva deux.jpeg
diva deux.jpg
lucy and shelby 2.jpg
diva deux pedigree.png

Grand Dam - Creeping Thyme Farm BLK Betty 2*M DHIR Elite

black betty.jpg
black betty udder back.jpg
blk betty pedigree.png

Betty is in the top 99 percentile in the country for milk volume, protein and butterfat!!

Lucy's Sire - Tiny Hill Farm Dude Of Thrones *B

dude of thrones.jpg
dude of thrones 2.png
dude of thrones pedegree.PNG

Sire's Dam - The Tiny Hill Farm Sansa 1*M VEEV88 

dude of thrones dam.jpg
dude of thrones dam udder.jpg
dude of thrones dam pedegree.PNG
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