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Kaos Farm Fire Lily

Lilly Bean

Pedigree: click here

D.O.B: 3/31/2016


Performance Programs:

Testing: February 2021- negative with Sage Labs. 

Kidding History:

2018: Twin Bucklings Sired by Busy B Goat Farm TE Zorro (Aug)

2019: Triplet Doelings Sired by Busy B Goat Farm TE Zorro (Aug)

2020: Skipped august breeding for fall breeding

2021: Quintuplet Doelings  Sired by We Goat It M Duke

2022: Due 2/26/2022


Lilly's First Freshening. 1 day fresh.

lilly as a baby_edited.jpg
lillys mom_edited.jpg

Lilly's Dam - GBF Kids MRL Iris

lilly 1_edited.jpg

           lilly as a kid. 
Photo Curtesy of Kaos Farm

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