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Kune Kune Pigs

In 2022 we brought home to the farm, a pregnant Kune Kune gilt from a reputable breeder. In April, she gave birth to 3 healthy boarlings. We kept one intact to be our breeder. Early Spring of 2023, we will be bringing home a gilt who will have amazing bloodlines to start our breeding program. We should expect piglets in late summer to early fall. 

We raise our pigs as family pets. We love them until they are ready to be sacrificed to feed families. Our pigs are raised on 1/4 of an acre of freedom. Plenty of forage through the woods and plenty of supplemented hay. They are fed pellets mixed with black oil sunflower seeds, fruit and vegetable scraps, never fed meat or processed sugar and "bad treats". They are Dewormed when needed, Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother" is always added to their water. ACV is anti-bacterial and can help keep infections away, boosts skin health, it is also said to make meat more tender. It also contains healthful substances such as potassium, proteins, acetic & malic acids, vitamins, and minerals.

We will update our website and social media platforms with more information about pork / live piglet sales when we start production. 

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